Protective Transport

PT 6 APT 6 BPT 6 C

  •     Tailor-made to exact customer requirement
  •     Choose the quality of case to fit its role or life expectancy



  •     Very quick and easy to build up or collapse
  •     Reduces transport costs
  •     Saves storage space
  •     Minimum packaging waste


  •     No fragile parts therefore difficult to damage
  •     High stacking strength
  •     Highest degree of product protection
  •     No Health and Safety issues from unsafe stacking

Simple Design:

  •     Safe and easy to load and unload
  •     Easy to replace any single part
  •     Difficult to damage
  •     Simple return logistics

PT 5

AIC's heavyweight range of transit boxes provide the highest level of product protection, stacking strength and durability Made to any size and shape, these boxes will fit your product perfectly. Flatpacking reduces delivery, storage and transport costs to a minimum. The boxes are suitable for single use or as long term RTP system.


  •     Ultimate protection
  •     Tailor made sizes
  •     Range of materials
  •     Superior stacking strength
  •     Tool free assembly
  •     Build up box around product


  •     Motor industry
  •     Heavy engineering
  •     Sheet materials
  •     Bulk liquids, powders and seeds
  •     Long term re-useable
  •     Single trip
  •     Oil and chemicals
  •     CKD components

PT 2

AIC's middleweight range of boxes are made from 12mm exterior grade plywood or 11mm Orientated Strand Board (OSB). Offering greater protection from transit and handling damage, the middleweight boxes are the perfect solution for transporting high value equipment to al corners of the globe.


  •     Product protection
  •     Tailor made sizes
  •     High stacking strength
  •     Simple assembly
  •     Flatpack for storage & transport
  •     Single use or RTP applications
  •     MOD D pkg A approved


  •     High value electronics
  •     Precision engineering
  •     Engine components
  •     Telecoms Equipment
  •     Diagnostic equipment
  •     Re-usable outer packaging

PT 1

AIC's flyweight range of plastic sleeveboxes can be made to any size and are ideal for shipping smaller and lighter components. The fluted plastic sleeves provide excellent strength to weight … ideal fro returnable airfreight systems. The plastic sleeve box is very quick and easy to assemble and can be flatpacked in seconds. Return and re-use the boxes and minimise your storage space.


  •     Plastic sleeve
  •     Food-grade option
  •     Totally recyclable
  •     Clipped into place
  •     Flat packable
  •     Stackable
  •     Customised sizes
  •     Choice of pallet base
  •     Airfreight options
  •     One trip boxes


  •     Foodstuff transit
  •     Storage
  •     Lightweight one-trip
  •     Returnable airfreight
  •     Precision engineering
  •     Medical equipment
  •     Electronic parts
  •     Industrial mouldings

PT 8

AIC's One Trip Intermediate Bulk Containers (or IBC's) range of one trip bulk containers are without doubt the most cost effective, yet durable IBC's available. Made from Orientated Strandboard (OSB), AIC IBC's offer all the logistical advantages of rigid bottles, but with the added benefit of freeing up valuable storage space when not in use.


  •     Rigid construction stackable up to 4 high
  •     Integral pallet base cuts out handling damage
  •     Store flat packed to save valuable warehouse space
  •     No requirement for banding- Saves time and money
  •     Box integrity unaffected by rain
  •     Choice of liner for bag-in-a-box systems
  •     Suitable for liquids, powders & granules


  •     Drinks
  •     Cosmetics
  •     Inks
  •     Adhesives
  •     Lubricants
  •     Paints
  •     Powders & granules