Bespoke/Custom Made Plastic Pallets

There are several options for the non standard size pallet.

-Depending on your quantity  requirement you could go for a completly new pallet mould. We have access to the expetise and machinery to fully realise these requirements. Contact us today for a consultation.

-For smaller quantities we also offer a modular plastic pallet. This can be made to any size or weight requirement. This type of pallet also allows you to replace broken skids or boards over the life of the plastic pallet. Contact us now with your requirement for a tailored price. See below for some examples completed.


1500x1300 web1


1800x1600 web



1700x1350 web


See below for some other specialist projects showcasing our work:

Stainless steel wedge attached to an Hygienic pallet


4 block plastic pallet



Double box and lid 2000x1200mm

 Double pallet box2


Pallet box on wheels

Collapsible box with large wheels5


Aluminium stacking box

Alu stacking box