Corrugated sheeting

Corrugated sheeting is now available for a range of applications.

  • slip sheets/void boards on wooden pallets
  • layer pads for bottles or other products
  • interliners for wooden or metal cases/boxes
  • protection of stainless steel and aluminium
  • concrete ground beams
  • cupboards panels
  • temporary protection
  • corner protectors

Corrugated sheeting is the ideal industrial packaging material. It stands out due to its excellent properties and protects your goods better. It is resistant to moisture, greases and most chemical agents. It is naturally strong and tear resistant.

Corrugated sheeting is ideal for converting into a wide variety of die cut shapes ranging from interlayers with rounded corners to complex foldable boxes.

Corrugated sheeting is available in different colours and with different finishes depending on your requirements and is completely recyclable.

Material PP Copolymer
Standard Colours Black, white, natural
Optional Colours

Grey, yellow, red, blue, orange and green

(subject to MOQ) 

Thickness range




Optional Features

UV treated

Anti static

Flame retardent

Micro perforated

Corona Treated