Plastic pallets

Plastic Pallets have many uses. AIC Plastic Pallets LTD has a longstanding commitment to supply businesses with hygienic storage, handling and shipping equipment to the food and drink industry.

It is essential that all businesses that work with food are fully compliant with all of the FSA guidelines.This is so that you both obey the law and reduce the risk of your customers developing food poisoning, which in turn impacts the overall impression of your business.

Any hint of your business leading to health and safety risks will soon lead to a drop in custom once word gets around.

What is good food hygiene?

Good food hygiene involves keeping harmful bacteria at bay so that diseases cannot develop. The 4 essential components of food hygiene are:

    •    Avoiding cross-contamination
    •    Thorough cleaning
    •    Chilling to appropriate temperature
    •    Following full cooking guidelines

It is important to note that the microorganisms that cause food poisoning cannot be seen and can enter the food chain at numerous points of the journey - from manufacturing to the plate.

The Importance of hygienic food pallets

As we have pointed out, bacteria can grow at any point before a customer eats your product, including when it is stored or transported on pallets.

Wooden pallets are particularly problematic when it comes to offering a breeding ground for bacteria, which is why they are no longer the products of choice for many businesses.

Aluminium and plastic pallets offer more protection against bacteria as the materials does not provide the right environment for the microorganisms to grow.

If there are any spillages in the transportation process then the debris can also be easily wiped down using clean water and utensils.

AIC Plastic Pallets

AIC has been proving the food and drinks industry with pallets for over 30 years in total, alongside our partners ETP.

We offer plastic pallets, aluminium pallets, plastic storage boxes, collapsible metal cages alongside many other products.

Aluminium pallets are much heavier than plastic or wooden pallets, so shipping costs may be more expensive, but when it comes to customer safety it is always worth the additional investment.

With so much experience in the plastic pallet industry, we are constantly coming up with new designs that are more effective for our customers, while still complying with all health and safety guidelines.

We offer plastic pallets for sale and for hire and all of our rates are very competitive, so there is no excuse to cut corners at the risk of making your customers ill.

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, we are sure to have the perfect storage and shipping solution that will give you peace of mind.

For more advice on what pallets to use if you want to comply with FSA rules and protect your customers, contact us today and speak to one of our friendly experts who will be happy to help you.