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The Benefits of Using Pallet Boxes

If you work in an industry in which you have to transport or store liquid, you will be aware of the great amount of container solutions and choices they offer, and possibly overwhelmed as a result of this.

If you have not explored the use of pallet boxes, now may be the time to do so as they are becoming the storage solution of choice across Ireland, the UK and worldwide.


Pallet boxes come highly recommended

Plastic pallet boxes are heavily recommended if you are transporting heavy goods. They have been hailed by hauliers as one of the best products on the market.

Pallet boxes offer a great alternative to other forms of storage containers and can be used when moving products by land, sea or air.


Why should your business use plastic pallet boxes?

Here are just some of the many benefits of using plastic pallet boxes as opposed to traditional wooden pallets or cardboard boxes:

• They can be reused which make them environmentally friendly

• They are more durable than cardboard boxes

• They will protect your products

• They can carry a wide variety of products

• They are fully weatherproof

• They can be stacked to save on storage space both in warehouses and in shipment container

• They can be used in a variety of moving equipment (i.e forklifts)

• Nestable crates for ease of use

• They can save your business money as they are cost-effective

• Great drainage and circulation features for transporting food and pharmaceuticals

• Using plastic pallets means that your workers have less chance of being injured due to easy handling

• They can quickly be moved from trailers and in and out of trucks or shipment containers

• They can reduce your labour costs as a large amount of pallets can be moved by one person

• More hygienic for food products

• Environmentally friendly due to reusability

As well as providing your business with all of the above benefits, using pallet boxes will also keep your customers happy. As no doubt some of them prefer to receive products using pallets, as they are easier to unload and they do not often need specialised equipment.


Our range of Plastic Pallet

AIC Plastic Pallets have a wide range of plastic pallet boxes including:

• Collapsible

• Solid

• Collapsible metal cage

• Used

All of our products are cost effective and have been heavily researched by our experienced team, so that you do not have to keep on forking out for storage and transport equipment.

If you are a start-up business and need to rent containers rather than buy, or you want to try out a product before investing in new tanks, we also offer a rental service.

AIC regularly deal with a wide range of customers, delivering over 2000 units per week to businesses working in a variety of sectors. The feedback that we have had from our loyal customers is exceptional and we are looking forward to welcoming you.

To find out more about the best pallet box for your product, contact AIC today to chat to one of our expert customer service representatives.