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AIC Plastic Pallet LTD offers a range of premium pallets, including aluminium pallets, plastic pallets, plastic crates, and storage boxes. Our team of researchers is constantly on the look out for the best in plastic technology, to make your business decisions as seamless as possible.

One of the most popular products on offer is our lightweight single use pallets, which are usually selected for their quality, durability and cost effectiveness.

If you are unsure on what pallet option is best for your business, our team of experts is on hand to help you out.

AIC has been in business since 1965 and we have been the leading supplier of plastic pallets in Ireland since 1994, and thus, have the experience and knowledge that could save your business both money and time.

As well giving you advice on the best pallets to use for your business AIC can offer logistics management advice to start-ups and existing businesses.

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Save Storage Space with Lightweight Nestable Pallets

The choice of pallets for businesses has come a long way since standard wooden pallets were commonly used for transporting goods.

There is now an abundance of choice in pallets and pallets boxes available to businesses who want to ensure that their products are safe and secure in transit.

Plastic transport pallets are durable, convenient, stress-free and are available for a wide variety of products in multiple industries.

What are nestable pallets?

Nestable pallets generally have nine hollow feet that are moulded as part of the top deck, which is either open or closed.

Subsequent empty pallets can be stacked on top of one and other—hence the term ‘nest’.

As the feet of the top pallet go through to the bottom pallet, you can stack approximately 40 pallets together, which means that you can save a lot of space.

Nestable pallets are perfect for one-way transits and are a good choice for air freight.

If you have limited space for your consignments, our pallets offer the perfect solution to your logistics problems.

The space saving nature of nestable pallets means that they are great for being used simply to store products in a warehouse or storeroom.

Plastic pallets are becoming increasingly popular in numerous industries

Industries in which plastic pallets are becoming increasingly popular are the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry.

Why? Well, they can transport large quantities of food at a time and they are more hygienic than traditional wooden pallets.

Aside from the space saving benefits of using nestables, you can also save money as this type of pallet price is competitive and offers a great return on your initial investment.

What pallets are right for your business?

If your business transports products on a very regular basis, you can invest in medium strength nestable pallets that will make multiple journeys rather than one way.

Generally, heavier nestables allow for the loading of heavier goods and for increased strength, there are pallets that have clip-on runners and skids, including a heavyweight version that has permanent runners making them suitable for pallet racking.

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