Corriboard Collapsible

With an excellent strength to weight ratio, easy to cut, crease and machine tool, Corriboard is a versatile product used extensively throughout many industries.  Available in a range grades twinwall PP will offer handling solutions from the most lightweight to the heaviest engineering applications.

Corribord box1Corribord box 2Corribord box 3

Archive Storage

·         Moisture resistant for long term or underground storage

·         Colour coded for first glance document classification.

·         Patient file systems

Factory Transit Trays

·         Collapsible self locking trays

·         In excess of 100 assemble/collapse cycles achievable depending upon use

·         Anti-static option available

·         PCB handling with conductive sheet

Bulk Liquids

·         Metal frame liners

·         Freight container door retainers

·         Collapsable pallet sleeves

Moulded Components

·         Self locking cases for container caps

Layer Pads

·         Colour options

·         Range of grades and strengths